1976 Fender Stratocaster

A treasured and much gigged Fender Stratocaster at NDS Music Repair for several upgrades and thorough cleaning. Customer was experiencing issues with sticking/non-working pots, high E string finger-board roll off and worn nut. Also wanted hardware updates with requirement that they be genuine Fender parts.

A pre slotted Tusq nut is employed to replace worn nut and mitigate the string roll off issue. Customer approved nut and the use of CTS pots to replace all the stock ones. Fender genuine parts consisted of 5-way pickup selector switch in place of stock 3-way, Highway 1 trem bridge assembly, Highway 1 trem arm, Pure Vintage trem spring and claw package. The Highway 1 bridge has a narrower string spacing which completely resolved the E string roll-off. Wiring was updated to accommodate the new tone possibilities of the 5-way selector and tie the bridge pickup to the middle pickup’s tone control. Stellar!

Work was performed in stages with guitar fully disassembled. A good part of it comprised of cleaning and detailing (as it were). A bare body photo shows graceful aging and original color of a 40+ year old guitar.