’s Bold New Vision A Joke On Lefties Pranks Lefties Pranks Lefties

On April 1, 2018 sent an email to members & subscribers announcing a ‘Bold New Vision’ to left-handed players… April Fools!

Now let me state as a dedicated lefty; Good one! Fooled me! I thought for a moment an influential entity finally saw value & benefit in a niche market.

Though very funny & I can take a joke, there’s definitely a feeling of disservice & insult to lefties like me. Walk in our shoes for all the times & years entering a music store & all one can do is look at the guitars on display or find weak, limited, & questionable-quality inventory of such instruments. Then add insult to injury when checking the price tag as manufacturers & retailers impose significant price markups on left-handed instruments.

Of course there a many solutions to such dilemmas like building your own & buying online, but wouldn’t it be wondrous to walk into a local music store & be able to try several, quality left-handed instruments -the hope of every dedicated lefty.

Kudos to on a well thought out & executed April Fools prank. I’m sure all recipients had a good laugh. Being lefty one has to have a good sense of humor to survive in a right-handed world. Disappointingly is laughing at lefties, as portrayed in the video, instead of laughing with them.

To, take a trip some time to Southpaw Guitars in Texas & reflect on if that was the norm. As the three reps said in the video “… and right is wrong”… & smug.

Thank you for entertaining this mild-mannered rant. Time for me to return to the margins. -Neil @ NDSMR