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Small Amp Repair

Some smaller amplifiers that have been in for repair; TOA KD-1 Portable P.A., VOX VT15, & Johnson Standard 15. Repair rates for these can start as low as $15! Hit us up if you have one in need of attention…  

Gibson Maestro Amp (GA-45T)

Recently aided a colleague to get this very vintage amp up & running… “the GA 45 [is] possibly the most coveted harp amp of all time due to its affiliation with Little Walter (Walter Jacobs)” – Gibson Garage

Crate Vintage Club 30 Amp

A new customer gave NDSMR a USA made VC 30 for maintenance repair. I understand why some treasure & covet this amp. I’m no tube-phile, but this amp can sing! Absent-minded by the tone, I neglected to get some pics. So I’m sharing from the web…

Guitar Mods @ NDS Music Repair

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Customer requested installation of a Gibson P-94 bridge pickup in an Axl Marquee MJZ. Interesting note that a P-94 is a P-90 single coil pup in a hum bucker package. P-90 style pups are already installed, but customer wanted the P-94 installed as well as some additional mods; move jack to top, install String Saver […]

Fret Dressing Service @ NDS Music Repair

In addition to performing setups & electronic repairs on stringed instruments, NDSMR does fret dressing for acoustics & electrics! The Breedlove guitar below had the frets leveled. Next is crowning, smoothing, & polishing. Check out the ‘Rates’ page for pricing & info!

Busy In The Shop

Well! Its been several weeks since NDSMR submitted general or repair posts… The shop has been a bit crowed lately with some of the repairs being more involved than the norm. Also, had several customers that needed their gear returned quickly for gigs! So, there’s been some priority shifting going on. NDSMR apologies for delays […]

Sansui & Technics Vintage Stereo Receviers

Two vintage receivers recently delivered to satisfied customers! Interestingly both are rated at 30 watts output per channel. The Technics on top is a circa 1982 SA-222 that had the power amp chip and tuning lamp replaced. Also got a good cleaning. The bottom receiver is a Sansui 5050 circa 1976! This classic got a […]

Unique Microphones In The Shop

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Recently, higher-end microphones I’ve never heard of before came into the shop for repair and maintenance. While researching to find repair information I always read interesting tidbits of trivia and history from users of the equipment. The Electro Voice RE20 is a favorite of radio and TV broadcasters, but has also found a home in […]