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Reining In Repairs

Beginning September 2nd NDS Music Repair will not be accepting new repairs for 4 to 6 weeks unless an absolute emergency. NDSMR has several outstanding, time/diagnosis intensive repairs that must be addressed. Genuine apology for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.’s Bold New Vision A Joke On Lefties

On April 1, 2018 sent an email to members & subscribers announcing a ‘Bold New Vision’ to left-handed players… April Fools! Now let me state as a dedicated lefty; Good one! Fooled me! I thought for a moment an influential entity finally saw value & benefit in a niche market. Though very funny […]

Enjoying Customer Feedback

NDSMR is so appreciative of customer feedback & allowing them to be shared. Its a great motivator! A recent collaborative effort between NDSMR & Main Street Music Studios LLC resulted in successful repair of a Digidesign Control 24 PSU. The customer did a stellar job of removal, shipping, & installation of the module! “I actually had some […]

100 ‘Likes’ Milestone Achieved!

Ginormous THANK YOU to all those who got NDS Music Repair to 100! From the FB community accepting invitations to all the customers that Liked based on services received from NDSMR! NDSMR greatly appreciates your support!   “You Like me, you really Like me!”

Referral: Boss Organ

Occasionally NDSMR gets asked about repair service on Hammond, Leslie, & Rhodes equipment. Though some issues can be addressed, specific knowledge on vintage keyboards can be out of the area of expertise. I’ve recently visited Boss Organ in Somerville, MA & definitely recommend checking out this one person operation! The owner Tyler is extremely knowledgable […]

NDSMR Services Sound!

NDS Music Repair loves to tackle sound reinforcement system issues like this Peavey PR-12 that needed the limit bulb & compression driver diaphragm replaced. If your sound is sufferin’, give NDSMR a call!

FYI… Repair Turnaround Time

  NDSMR’s standard turnaround time is 7 to 10 business days Average repair turnaround is 5 to 7 biz days  2 and 3 day turnaround is available dependent on repair parts at hand

NDS Music Repair Got It Covered!

Though a one-person-business, NDS Music Repair carries the recommended business owners policy insurances. Giving some piece of mind to customers in the unthinkable event of damage to their music equipment investment.