Electronics & Loudspeaker Enclosures

Electronics are diagnosed & repaired to module (amplifier module, power supply module, circuit board) & component levels. If module replacement is required, an estimate will be submitted for customer approval prior to performing work.

In addition to the specific repair, the below maintenance is performed & included in the overall service:

  • Inspection of components & circuit boards
  • Verify stability of internal connections
  • Secure loose components & hardware
  • Replace missing hardware (optional)
  • Clean noisy or sticking control pots, sliders, switches, & jacks
  • Inspect/perform solder repair on bad or suspect connections
  • Remove internal debris & dust
  • Verify features & controls work
  • Perform active & idle burn-in to verify problem resolution

Passive loudspeaker enclosures are diagnosed & repaired to the component level which may comprise of replacing the loudspeaker, horn driver, horn diaphragm, & repair/replacement of internal crossover.

Additional items checked:

  • Verify internal connections are secure
  • Secure loose components & hardware
  • Isolate & resolve vibration/distortion issues

Powered loudspeaker enclosure repairs can be either electronic or enclosure specific or a combination of both. Different rates will apply.