The Most Hospitable Customer


Wow! Visiting a new customer today to pick up his gear & he was so welcoming & friendly I couldn’t refuse the juice, coffee, & cake that was offered. This was a customer I completely forgot to follow up on recently & yet he was still gracious. I felt a little guilty for the neglect.

The coffee from Amsterdam was exquisite, the slice of cake delicious with what seemed to be a kind of lemon curd icing, & for an hour we talked about the repairs to be done, his excitement over the Tablas to be delivered Friday, & how he looks forward to playing the keyboards once they are repaired.

They’ve been out of commission for a while & now there is more free time to get re-aquainted. He has friends from abroad that will be visiting in the near future & they are planning a concert.

The topics of discussion ended & he assisted me in loading the truck with gear. May be I was still dumb struck by the hospitality & great company for I had left my DMM behind. Thankfully he called & told me; he waited outside for me to get it. Ah, too funny…

On my way with a smile, that is one customer pick up I’ll always remember.