Enjoying Customer Feedback

NDSMR is so appreciative of customer feedback & allowing them to be shared. Its a great motivator! A recent collaborative effort between NDSMR & Main Street Music Studios LLC resulted in successful repair of a Digidesign Control 24 PSU. The customer did a stellar job of removal, shipping, & installation of the module!

“I actually had some (unexpected) time tonight to reinstall the supply and so far seems to be absolutely flawless! It hasn’t yet hiccuped and do random fader spits or meter bridge flickering at all. Wonderful job man. You Definetely know your stuff. I really appreciate you taking a stab at this. Turns out it’s working amazing.”

“Once again, thanks so much for your great customer service, communication and help along the way.”

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100 ‘Likes’ Milestone Achieved!

Ginormous THANK YOU to all those who got NDS Music Repair to 100! From the FB community accepting invitations to all the customers that Liked based on services received from NDSMR!

NDSMR greatly appreciates your support!


“You Like me, you really Like me!”


Small Amp Repair

Some smaller amplifiers that have been in for repair; TOA KD-1 Portable P.A., VOX VT15, & Johnson Standard 15. Repair rates for these can start as low as $15! Hit us up if you have one in need of attention…



Crate Vintage Club 30 Amp

A new customer gave NDSMR a USA made VC 30 for maintenance repair. I understand why some treasure & covet this amp. I’m no tube-phile, but this amp can sing!

Absent-minded by the tone, I neglected to get some pics. So I’m sharing from the web…


Referral: Boss Organ

Occasionally NDSMR gets asked about repair service on Hammond, Leslie, & Rhodes equipment. Though some issues can be addressed, specific knowledge on vintage keyboards can be out of the area of expertise.

I’ve recently visited Boss Organ in Somerville, MA & definitely recommend checking out this one person operation! The owner Tyler is extremely knowledgable on the inner workings of the equipment he services along with being helpful & friendly. In addition to repairs Boss rents organs, sells parts/equipment, & does customizations.


Guitar Mods @ NDS Music Repair

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Customer requested installation of a Gibson P-94 bridge pickup in an Axl Marquee MJZ. Interesting note that a P-94 is a P-90 single coil pup in a hum bucker package. P-90 style pups are already installed, but customer wanted the P-94 installed as well as some additional mods; move jack to top, install String Saver […]

Fret Dressing Service @ NDS Music Repair

In addition to performing setups & electronic repairs on stringed instruments, NDSMR does fret dressing for acoustics & electrics! The Breedlove guitar below had the frets leveled. Next is crowning, smoothing, & polishing. Check out the ‘Rates’ page for pricing & info!

BrdLv-1 BrdLv-2