Reining In Repairs

Beginning September 2nd NDS Music Repair will not be accepting new repairs for 4 to 6 weeks unless an absolute emergency. NDSMR has several outstanding, time/diagnosis intensive repairs that must be addressed. Genuine apology for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.’s Bold New Vision A Joke On Lefties Pranks Lefties Pranks Lefties

On April 1, 2018 sent an email to members & subscribers announcing a ‘Bold New Vision’ to left-handed players… April Fools!

Now let me state as a dedicated lefty; Good one! Fooled me! I thought for a moment an influential entity finally saw value & benefit in a niche market.

Though very funny & I can take a joke, there’s definitely a feeling of disservice & insult to lefties like me. Walk in our shoes for all the times & years entering a music store & all one can do is look at the guitars on display or find weak, limited, & questionable-quality inventory of such instruments. Then add insult to injury when checking the price tag as manufacturers & retailers impose significant price markups on left-handed instruments.

Of course there a many solutions to such dilemmas like building your own & buying online, but wouldn’t it be wondrous to walk into a local music store & be able to try several, quality left-handed instruments -the hope of every dedicated lefty.

Kudos to on a well thought out & executed April Fools prank. I’m sure all recipients had a good laugh. Being lefty one has to have a good sense of humor to survive in a right-handed world. Disappointingly is laughing at lefties, as portrayed in the video, instead of laughing with them.

To, take a trip some time to Southpaw Guitars in Texas & reflect on if that was the norm. As the three reps said in the video “… and right is wrong”… & smug.

Thank you for entertaining this mild-mannered rant. Time for me to return to the margins. -Neil @ NDSMR

1976 Fender Stratocaster

A treasured and much gigged Fender Stratocaster at NDS Music Repair for several upgrades and thorough cleaning. Customer was experiencing issues with sticking/non-working pots, high E string finger-board roll off and worn nut. Also wanted hardware updates with requirement that they be genuine Fender parts.

A pre slotted Tusq nut is employed to replace worn nut and mitigate the string roll off issue. Customer approved nut and the use of CTS pots to replace all the stock ones. Fender genuine parts consisted of 5-way pickup selector switch in place of stock 3-way, Highway 1 trem bridge assembly, Highway 1 trem arm, Pure Vintage trem spring and claw package. The Highway 1 bridge has a narrower string spacing which completely resolved the E string roll-off. Wiring was updated to accommodate the new tone possibilities of the 5-way selector and tie the bridge pickup to the middle pickup’s tone control. Stellar!

Work was performed in stages with guitar fully disassembled. A good part of it comprised of cleaning and detailing (as it were). A bare body photo shows graceful aging and original color of a 40+ year old guitar.


The Most Hospitable Customer


Wow! Visiting a new customer today to pick up his gear & he was so welcoming & friendly I couldn’t refuse the juice, coffee, & cake that was offered. This was a customer I completely forgot to follow up on recently & yet he was still gracious. I felt a little guilty for the neglect.

The coffee from Amsterdam was exquisite, the slice of cake delicious with what seemed to be a kind of lemon curd icing, & for an hour we talked about the repairs to be done, his excitement over the Tablas to be delivered Friday, & how he looks forward to playing the keyboards once they are repaired.

They’ve been out of commission for a while & now there is more free time to get re-aquainted. He has friends from abroad that will be visiting in the near future & they are planning a concert.

The topics of discussion ended & he assisted me in loading the truck with gear. May be I was still dumb struck by the hospitality & great company for I had left my DMM behind. Thankfully he called & told me; he waited outside for me to get it. Ah, too funny…

On my way with a smile, that is one customer pick up I’ll always remember.

Onsite: Digidesign C24 Control Surface

NDSMR can provide onsite repair for most situations where gear can’t be easily moved or transported. Recently NDS Music was at the DBR Bookings studio diagnosing a C|24 mixer. Repair was challenging to isolate for it was auto-magically switching between off-line & utility modes when powered on. Several maintenance iterations & swapping out of the CUB board didn’t work. Finally found the Switch C board was defective. Quick overnight delivery order by the customer & replacing the board got the unit up & running into ‘Vegas’ mode!

C24-2 C24-3


Showcase: Blues Jr. Mercury Magnetics Mod

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Back in April NDSMR had the pleasure of doing its first Mercury Magnetics Mod! A tweed Blues Jr. got power & output transformers replaced, choke installed, & custom Off-Standby-On capability in one switch replacing the original. Customer quite pleased & had NDSMR do another MM mod to a Peavey Classic 50 2×12 combo!  

Moving on…

It’s a meaningful accomplishment building a rapport with a customer over time. You help one another out, share some war stories, & come to think of them as compadres. As is the norm in retail people move on & you wish the very best for them, but it is a bit sad to see them go.

Thank you for the support, complements, & referrals!

“My last day at GC will be Sept. 30th, if I don’t see you before then thank you for everything.  It’s been great working with you, you’ve made my life so much easier to have a go to repair guy who’s awesome (and a former Daddy’s alum!)  Thanks for everything Neil, and I wish you all the best in the future.  I’ll be sure to reach out when I’m in need of some repairs!”

Sound System Maintenance & Repair

Have your sound system in for a checkup at NDS Music Repair! From mixers, power amps, speakers, cables, monitors to microphones NDSMR can help you maintain your investment as well as provide onsite services.