1964 Fender Deluxe-Amp AB763

This 50 year old Guitar Center acquisition was giving folks a bit of a shock! Time to mod with a grounded power cord for safety. Also, missing Bass control knob at the Normal channel was resolved.

A small voltage definitely present on the front panel which would lead to a nice zap with other grounded equipment. The first two pics show before and after: the ground switch, a few wires, & ‘death cap’ were removed from the circuitry, but left in place; original power cord was returned with the amp. No new wires, other than the power cord, were added & circuit modified to put the fuse inline with the power switch.

The amp internals appear to be original stock parts. The power caps even had ’64’ date code on them! Not a leaky cap in sight! Either stock or someone has a superb NOS cache. All the tubes are strong & vibrato works. Great sound!


64DeluxeAmp-01 64DeluxeAmp-02 64DeluxeAmp-03 64DeluxeAmp-04 64DeluxeAmp-10 64DeluxeAmp-08 64DeluxeAmp-06 64DeluxeAmp-05

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