Amplifier Load Box Finale

Recently got asked by a web viewer on the final outcome & for info on the Load Box project. I’ve been using it for 2 years, but neglected to post pics on the finished product. So with out further ado NDSMR presents a very important piece of test equipment!

It is a variation of the original design capable of 200 watts per channel 8 ohms & 100 watts 4 ohms; the top monitor outputs can be used with speakers or a non-ground o-scope probe/cable. The bulb on top is part of the AC current limiter; this is great for equipment that is suspected of having a short or initial verification of a repair prior to applying full power.

AmpLdBx-1 AmpLdBx-2 AmpLdBx-4 AmpLdBx-3 AmpLdBx-6

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