Korg SP-300 Digital Piano

A very nice sounding piano in the shop for a D4 key stuck at max volume (velocity). Key contact clean of that & some adjacent keys returned the touch sensitivity!

SP300-3 SP300-2 SP300-4

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  1. Paul S says:

    I have the same keyboard and same problem. Did you need to disassemble to clean this contact?

    • Neil says:

      Hi Paul,

      Yes, the keyboard will need to be disassembled & key bed removed. Take care & disconnect any cables prior to removing the key bed. Silicone key contact strips are connected to circuit board(s) attached to the bed. The strip consists of carbon contact points which are also on the circuit board. Some folks just replace the strip or very, very gently clean strip & board contacts with cotton swab dipped in a little water/rubbing alcohol.

      Replacement strips can be found at syntaur.com & possibly eBay.

      Thank you for perusing NDSMR! -Neil

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